Dogs at The Old Vicarage


well behaved dogs are welcome!

We used to have 3 dogs here when we were younger so are more than happy to have dogs visit if they are carefully watched. Please do let us know if you are interested.

We have done our best to make the garden as secure as possible but the drive to the road is fully open.

Our paddock sometimes has sheep in which would mean additional care would be needed. The area above the driveway is separated from the paddock by estate fencing.

The surrounding area is full of beautiful countryside and footpaths but obviously the fields have lots of cattle and sheep so due care should be taken when out walking.

We have tried to represent our garden setup in the diagram above - click on it to see more clearly. This is only a rough approximation though and not a guarantee of security.

Dogs are allowed in the house but we do ask that they are kept out of all the bedrooms and off the soft furnishings.

Also, the garden is regularly used by children so please make sure that no mess is left behind.

Any questions please ask!